Thursday, March 2, 2017

ICF Magazine Volume #11

इंडियन कॉमिक्स फैंडम #11 

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News, photos and Updates: Diamond Comics, Tinkle, Campfire Graphic Novels, Tamil Comics, Champak, Lot Pot, Jasoos Babloo, Red Streak Publications, Raj Comics, Amar Chitra Katha, Holy Cow Entertainment, Meta Desi Comics, TBS Planet Comics, Yali Dreams Creations, Anik Planet, Kavya Comics, Premeir Artfx Studio, Green Humor, MB Comics Studio.
Special: Artist-Author Akshay Dhar Interview, Late Writer Ved Prakash Sharma (Tribute), Artist Gaman Palem, ICF Awards 2016 Champions Corner
Contributors: Vipul Dixit, Vyom Dayal, Aakash Kumar, Mohit, Avyact, Youdhveer Singh, Rishabh Kurmi, Sanjay Singh
Editor: Mohit Trendster
Freelance Talents (March 2017)

भारतीय कॉमिक्स जगत से जुडी ख़बरें, जानकारी, चित्र, लेख, फैन फिक्शन, साक्षात्कार आदि!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Manish Tewari at Comic Fan Fest December 2016 #Lucknow

Tewari Manish (Graphic Designer) Interview - Comic Fan Fest December 2016

"15000 Comics and counting" - Comic Collector Manoj Pandey

Teacher, Pannapictagraphist Mr. Manoj Pandey interview - Comic Fan Fest December 2016 #Lucknow #CFF 

पेशे से शिक्षक इस कॉमिक कलेक्टर के पास 15 हज़ार से अधिक कॉमिक्स का संग्रह है, Comic Fan Fest दिसम्बर 2016 के इस साक्षात्कार में अपना कलेक्शन लूटने की खुलेआम चुनौती दे रहे हैं श्री मनोज पांडे....

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

13 Days (TBS Planet Comics) Review by Rishit Tiwari

This was the second comic that I read in the first package of TBS Planet's annual subscription pack. And frankly speaking, I was as much impressed after reading this as disheartened I was after reading the Shivaay comic.

Story: Literally, this comic is one of the most decent comic I have ever read by any Indian publisher in the horror genre in terms of story. The story's fresh, interesting and very gripping. The concept's very well thought and written. Some turning points in the story make it really wroth reading and a page turner. The ending's really horrific and unexpected. I just hoped the story would have been longer(it would have been completed in one part only).

Artwork: Story and artwork plays 50-50 role in a comic book. Artwork needs to be specially well in a horror genre comic otherwise 90% of the horror will be gone. The art of this comic is really well. The inking and special effects added to the art enhances it even much more. It takes the horrific events of the story to the next level.

Excitedly waiting for the next part.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Inspector Rishi Series by Nandhini JS

'Inspector Rishi' detective comic series is written & illustrated by Indian filmmaker Nandhini JS. 

It follows the mystery-solving adventures of Rishi Nandhan, a fictional police inspector from the Criminal Investigation Department, Tamilnadu, India. 

Legend of Van Yakshi (Inspector Rishi) MB Comics Studio